Livius, Titus. Historia Romanae decades. Rome : Conradus Sweynheym and Arnoldus Pannartz, [1469]. Biblioteca Batthyaneum, Alba-Iulia.
It was two Germans, Conradus Sweynheym and Arnoldus Pannartz, who introduced the art of printing in Italy, and they produced Cicero’s De oratore in 1465 at a Benedictine abbey in Subiaco on the outskirts of Rome. The set of types they used (Typ.1:120R) is said to have been the first Roman type, and later, Ashendene Press printed books using an imitation of this typeface. Sweynheym and Pannartz moved to Rome in 1467, and by 1475 they had printed 50 works using a new Roman type. The works included those of church fathers such as St. Augustine and St. Jerome as well as many Roman period works such as those by Cicero, Apuleius and Pliny.
Livy (59 B.C. – 17 A.D.) was a historian in Roman times, and his Historia Romanae decades describes the history of the Roman Empire from its foundation to 9 B.C. There are 22 known editions of incunabula of this book , the one shown here being the first.

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