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Jordi Savall performs world premiere vintage music instruments dimitrie cantemir

Famous musician Jordi Savall has recorded songs written by Cantemir, a notation system invented even the scholar. CD “Istanbul. Cantemir – Le pounds of Science de la musique “will be available in early September in Bucharest, Humanitas bookstores in the country.
Nicknamed “King of old music, Jordi Savall, aged 69, is one of the more versatile artists as concert soloist, teacher, researcher, composer and conductor .
For over three decades, a musician performing a laborious search for construction noise to rebuild lost, forgotten or concert that life has left behind. Turkish music is the case of Dimitrie Cantemir – known as “science Paper Music” – which Jordi Savall recorded last year in November, his own label, Alia Vox.
The artist, who was invited to Festival George Enescu in 2007 and 2009, will return to Romania and will perform on November 30, Iasi, to promote his music Cantemir with Hesperion XXI ensemble.
Sounds of the Ottoman court
From an interview published Wednesday in the exclusive “truth Literary & Artistic (which can be heard on the show” success stories of music “, broadcasted on Radio Romania Musical , 15 and 22 August, from 15.00), Jordi Savall talks about passion was to shed light on an instrument full of refinement: viola da gamba.
The project “Music of Paper Science and Cantemir Sephardic and Armenian musical tradition” was meant, according to Jordi Savall, scholarly presentation of instrumental music at the Ottoman court in the seventeenth century.
“Science Paper Music” was written in Turkish in the time spent by Cantemir Istanbul, is a comprehensive study on Turkish music, in terms of theory, style and existing forms. The Book of Science of Music “is the most important instrumental music of the Ottoman centuries XVI and XVII.
“I started that collectively formed a the time and I was surprised to observe these oriental music, oral tradition, especially since the collection was not the result of a Turkish musician, but of a Romanian scholar who designed a study so interesting on Ottoman music at the time. I was very surprised, “says Jordi Savall.
“Cantemir pieces that it has collected, tones, patterns, rhythms, heights, all are absolutely amazing.”

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